Psoriasis and Relationships: How to Talk About Your Condition with Loved Ones

Psoriasis and Relationships: How to Talk About Your Condition with Loved Ones Jul, 31 2023 -0 Comments

Understanding Psoriasis: The Bare Basics

Without a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects of living with psoriasis is the difficulty of managing the reaction of others. By hook or by crook, they keep springing all sorts of questions on you... And you will need to answer them. Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease characterized by an accelerated buildup of cells on the surface of the skin, leading to red, scaly patches. Contrary to popular belief, it's not contagious and it’s not just about the skin - it's much more than that. It's a lifelong journey that comes with its own bag of tricks: itching, flaking, and sometimes even joint pain.

Revealing Your Psoriasis Issue to Others: A Long-Winded Ballet

Remember doing a face reveal on your favorite social media platform? Disclosing your Psoriasis issue comes somewhat in the same ballpark. You don't hide your face behind an avatar, but the reality of your skin condition may have the same awkwardness. Revealing your psoriasis to other people is like unveiling a mysterious secret - only it’s about your skin. It is about trusting the other person to be understanding, sensitive, and supportive. Don't cower in fear but instead, understand that people generally have a fear of unknown things, and psoriasis being one of them is something we can definitely work on. After all, Isabella, my better half, looked at me as if I was a crime scene when I revealed my issue to her, but after explaining it to her in detail, the only crime according to her was how I was still that handsome!

Talking to Your Partner about Psoriasis: The Naked Truth

Isabella... I mean my spouse, Isabella, has always remained supportive throughout my journey with psoriasis. Sitting down and having the 'Psoriasis talk' with your partner is essential, regardless of whether you're embarking on a new relationship or reigniting an old flame. But let's not kid ourselves, having such a discussion is about as easy as teaching my Golden Retriever, Max, to play the piano. It's not about ticking off a to-do list but about making sure your partner understands your condition. Explaining the nitty-gritty of your condition and the possible effect on your relationship can go a long way in establishing understanding and empathy. Nurture an environment of trust wherein your partner can be your pillar of strength, like my incredibly patient Isabella has been for me.

Bridging the Psoriasis Gap: Family & Friends Edition

Bridging a gap is never easy, especially if it's related to a health issue like psoriasis. Breaking the news to your family and friends about your issue can feel like opening a Pandora's box, releasing numerous questions about your health and possible cures. It's like suddenly being thrust onto a stage and being asked to perform to an audience that has their eyes solely focused on you. Hence, divulging the details of your condition, explaining the reasons behind your sudden itchy breakouts, or what triggers them and how others can help you cope can often bring you closer to your loved ones, and make them understand your journey better.

Social Situations and Psoriasis: A Sit-Com Called Life

Live life like it's a sitcom. Your psoriasis can add to your character rather than diminish it. You'll be confronted with social situations wherein explaining your condition to strangers can be quite a task, especially if they’ve run into a red patch peeking out from your collar. But live it up like Jerry Seinfeld on stage, humor does wonders in dispelling discomfort! Go on, call that patch your own personal continent, or maybe name it! Make sure those around you know psoriasis isn't something scary, but just a part of who you are. Life, my friends, is full of bleh moments, and psoriasis is just another storyline in your sitcom called life.

Psoriasis and Workplace Dialogue: The Corporate Shuffle

Having psoriasis can feel like being stuck in a scene from Office Space – awkward, uncomfortable, and full of TMI moments. But discussing your psoriasis condition at work is not just about sharing your medical history with your colleagues. It's about creating a supportive and considerate work environment. Also, let them know about your needs, like a humidifier in your cabin to keep your skin from drying or maybe some flexibility on days when flares make it tough to function. Yes, it's like inviting your boss into your personal space, a tad bit too close for comfort, but hey, we all must do what we have to!

Building Psoriasis Resilience: The Superhero in You

Handling the incessant battering of questions about your skin can make you feel like a superhero, just without the spandex! Use your psoriasis to build resilience. Take control of the dialogue around your psoriasis, being proactive about discussions, and being open about your experiences can help create awareness and eradicate any psoriasis-related stigma. However, don't forget your kryptonite - stress, which is often a major trigger. So take your downtime seriously, whether it's practicing yoga, walking Max or just indulging in some Netflix binge-watching. Remember, superheroes need downtime too!

Empowering Others with Psoriasis: The Silver Lining Playbook

Your experience of living with psoriasis can be a guide for others in the same boat as you. By sharing your journey - the good, the bad, and the itchy - you can help others navigate their way through the complex maze that is living with psoriasis. I mean, we all know sharing the latest psoriasis cream horror story can be an excellent ice-breaker, right? You will help your fellow 'psoriatics' feel less alone and foster a community of support and understanding. It's not always easy, but hey, the silver lining is you're not alone on this journey!


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